How it Works

Step 1 - Browse Camrent Catalogue


Browse our inventory and determine what you need for your next project!

We have 3 options – Rental alone (this is only allowed for verified premium members of , rental with our caretaker and rental with our service provider.

This is decided over a call once we get the order.

Step 2 - Place the Order Online

Next select the date from which you intend to pick up the rental as well as the date you wish to return the item. Please note, pickups and returns are to be completed between 3:00pm and 6:30pm.

Place those items in your shopping cart and proceed to check out.

On the checkout page, you’ll get a breakdown of your items for rental, the pick up and return date and of course the pricing for those days.

NOTE – After receiving the order, we will call you and decide if the rental goes with a care taker alone, or service person or rental alone.

Rental alone is only allowed for premium members who has a lifetime deposit of 1L with and every evidence or documents with camrent team.

Step 3 - Pickup Gear

Now it’s time to pick up your equipment!

You are required to have a valid government issued ID as well as the card used for payment before you are allowed to sign for pick up.

Without a government issued ID and credit card/debit card, you will not be authorized to pick up equipment.

During pick up, you will sign our authorization form which states your items being rented as well as the dates in which you intend to rent those items.

Your signature states that you have agreed to our terms and conditions and have agreed to return all equipment in the same condition as which it was picked up.

Step 4 - Go Shoot!

Shoot, snap, capture, and create with your first set of gear. Once done, we will give the files backup and close.

Once done, It’s time to return the equipment!

As simple as it was to pick up the equipment, it’s easier to drop off equipment. You or anyone you choose may drop off equipment. All equipment is inspected during drop off.

You or your person dropping off the equipment is responsible to sign the same authorization form. This states that you have dropped off the equipment.

One equipment has been returned, you will receive an email confirmation stating your order is completed.

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